Episode 7 : Lock up Your Code

In this episode of Tech Tales, we talk about how to ensure your software product's codebase is 100% safe and secure.

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  • The Laziest Salesperson in America and the Battle for the Soul of Sales, with Gessie Schechinger


    Gessie Schechinger is the VP of Sales at Zibtek and the CRO at OnCourse Sales Engagement Platform. In today's episode, Gessie and I dig into how sellers should think about automation as a vehicle for retention and the battle for the "soul of sales". Plus, we explore new ways to measure sales rep productivity.

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  • How to Multiply the Effectiveness of Your Follow-Up by Using Different Channels


    Whilst Gessie amusingly talks about his ‘Slacker mentality’ in actual fact, he shares some really solid ways that you can use proven sales techniques and technology to achieve better results, whilst significantly reducing the time and effort it takes to do so.

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  • Benefits of Sales Automation with Gessie Schechinger

    Podcast with Adam Torres

    Adam Torres and Gessie Schechinger discuss sales automation. Sales automation can take a business to the next level. But how many businesses know how to use automation correctly? In this episode, Adam Torres and Gessie Schechinger, Chief Revenue Officer at OnCourse Sales Engagement Platform, explore the proper uses of sales automation.

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  • LinkedIn Sales Automation – with Gessie Schechinger


    Gessie is passionate about leveraging technology and automation to surpass revenue targets so he can help protect golf and bar time for the salespeople of the world. Gessie won annual sales awards at 2 different Fortune 500 companies. His 20+ years of sales experience began in an outbound call center where he averaged 450 calls per week and blew out his quota by 297%. Unsurprisingly, he moved to field sales where he traveled 300 days a year convincing the biggest companies in the United States to open their wallet. He now spends his time educating sales leaders to utilize the most effective sales tool in the world and co-hosts the mediocre podcast, TechTales.

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  • Gessie Schechinger gets REAL about automation to make more revenue in 2020

    A podcast will be real show

    In this episode of the Be Real Show, Travis is joined by Gessie Schechinger and they discuss automation to make revenue.Gessie is passionate about leveraging technology and automation to make and surpass revenue. won multiple sales award from two different fortune five hundred companies.

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  • Rethinking The Way You Do Sales Automation - Gessie Schechinger


    What do you think of sales automation? Is it a go or a no for you? Perhaps it’s time you rethink the way you do sales automation. OnCourse is a tool that helps salespeople to automate responsibly. The tool helps to ensure that your emails have accurate presentations, the right address, and all the other information and variables needed for impactful engagement.

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  • How To Crush Your Sales Goals - Gessie Schechinger

    Podcast with Adam King

    With over 20 years of sales experience under his belt, today he’s the Vice President of Sales for OnCourse, a sales engagement platform that gives you Sales automation, email and SMS sequences, and calling all in one powerful CRM, that not only helps you crush your sales goals, but gives you a more precious gift.

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  • Effective Email Outreach Takes More than Automation


    The team at OnCourse has built its business around helping customers efficiently structure their outreach programs. The revolutionary CRM combines all of the necessary sales tools into one comprehensive piece of software. In other words, it eliminates the need for multiple apps that many times, don’t even talk to each other.

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  • Tips on how to crush your sales goals with Gessie Schechinger


    Sales is getting more analytical. And you can dial it in down to a science, and you really can see the numbers, and see things working.

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  • Master the code Darren J Gold and OnCourse Gessie Schechinger


    Gessie Schechinger is the laziest salesman in America and the Vice President of Sales for the OnCourse Sales Engagement Platform. Gessie is passionate about leveraging technology and automation to surpass revenue targets so he can help protect golf and bar time for the salespeople of the world.

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  • The Secret to CRM and Sales Engagement Platform Success

    Discover how you can effectively leverage technology and automation to surpass revenue targets.

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  • How to Leverage Technology to Crush Your Sales Goals, With Gessie Schechinger


    The end goal of every sales team and self-respecting sales professional is to effectively present the value of the business in the marketplace to buyers. And in many cases prospecting plays a major role, sifting through businesses to find the right buyers, present them with value and convert them to clients.

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  • Earn More Revenue with Smart Selling and Tech


    What are some strategies you can consider and test to sell better as an entrepreneur? We find out from Gessie Schechinger who is the VP of Sales at OnCourse.

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  • OnCourse Sales Automation Hits Growth Milestone After Launch


    OnCourse Sales Automation, a sales automation and customer relationship management software, announced today that it with the release of its latest version on December 1st companies can now manage conventional marketing automation tasks from the system including email drip campaigns and web to lead response automation.

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  • Growing a Sales Automation Platform from 0 to Hundreds of Users in Under 2 Quarters


    An interview with Ian Reynolds, the owner of OnCourse Sales Automation, a sales automation platform with built in CRM and marketing automation functionality. Also a partner at Zibtek.com a software engineering services firm that builds software for companies from startups to Fortune 500 firms.

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  • Zibtek named the No.1 Software Development Company in Utah


    Zibtek provides its customers with high-quality software, and designs & develops amazing web, mobile, and software products. We have worked hard to be a leading custom app developer in our industry. We work closely with our customers with a singular focus on reaching and achieving their goals

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  • Solutions Architect, An Interview with Ian Reynolds


    Interview with Ian Reynolds, chief Solutions Architect at Zibtek We answered the question, What is a solution architect? The discussion covered ideas across starts-ups, medium, and large-sized businesses. Ian paints the solutions architect as an action hero whose raison d'être is to deliver business value.

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  • Zibtek listed No.1 Web Developers in Salt Lake City


    Web developers should be consistent, transparent, and communicative, given how critical a digital presence can be.

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  • Skip the Boring Business Plan. Focus on This Strategy Instead.


    The concept of starting a business without a plan would send anyone running - and for good reason. Every great business begins with a plan that outlines measurable goals and the methods for achieving them. Plans, done correctly, can be a great roadmap.

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Latest Episodes

  • Episode 7 : Lock up Your Code

    In this episode of Tech Tales, we talk about how to ensure your software product's codebase is 100% safe and secure.

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  • Episode 6 : Don't Steal My IP

    In this episode, we talk about how to not let anyone use your intellectual property. We also talk about the importance of copyright and patents.

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  • Episode 5 : Damn you Jeff Bezos! (eCommerce)

    We've seen a massive trend of people who are coming to us with questions about e-commerce, like "how do I take my website from a static marketing side and add any content?" So we did some research on it. And what we found is that it's growing 23% year over year and that 46% of American small businesses don't even have a website or don't have that e-commerce component. So half of the American companies don't have websites. Listen to the podcast for more exciting pieces of information.

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  • Episode 4 : Silicon Greed

    The technological world is ever-changing; what works the best today might not work the best in 3 years. You have to retrain in 3 years. You can't hold your competition if you aren't updated. The software requires maintenance, constant check. If you keep ignoring it they pile up and then spend a lot of money upgrading and migrating.

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  • Episode 3 : Swimming in a Sea of SaaS

    So today, we're swimming in a sea of SaaS. And we just want to talk about all of the various SaaS solutions available today, how are they designed and developed and what is the business model behind some of them.

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  • Episode 2 : Ransomware

    So with us on today's podcast is Brandon. Brandon is one of the security analysts at smart shield cybersecurity. And what we're going to talk about today is just kind of a really brief overview of phishing and ransomware.

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  • Episode 1 : Death by 1000 emails

    So in the podcast today, we really want to talk about sales automation using emails. And so we thought we'd take some time to talk about what I would call death by 1000 emails. And that is how automation is really affecting the sales process. Have a listen.

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