OnCourse Chrome

Power your OnCourse campaigns with our Chrome plugin for Linkedin and give wings to your lead generation efforts

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Less time setting campaigns, more time closing deals

Choose your leads and prospects at the click of a button

Organize your campaigns seamlessly

Features that
are worth $500/mo

OnCourse premium users get to use this plugin absolutely free

LinkedIn campaigns

Access OnCourse LinkedIn campaigns

Auto viewing and invites

LAuto viewing of profiles and auto invite

Auto direct messaging

Auto direct messaging

Add the list of searched profiles

Add the list of searched profiles to the LinkedIn campaign of OnCourse CRM from sales navigator

Connect to the right LinkedIn user

Connect to the right LinkedIn user at the right time in the sequence steps

Create a lead in OnCourse CRM

Collect valuable data and create a lead in OnCourse CRM

Perform automatic steps

Perform automatic steps from the campaigns

Manual steps from the campaign

Perform manual steps from the campaign

Remove a profiles

Remove a profile from a campaign

Skip a particular step

Skip a particular step for a profile in a campaign

Check if profile added to campaign

Check if the profile added to the campaign is connected or not, by the click of a button

Pause - resume campaigns & backup - restore data

Pause or resume campaigns and Automatic backup and restore the data

Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses – big and small

Prospect Better

Millions of Prospects

The OnCourse Chrome plugin for Linkedin can be used independently or combined together with OnCourse campaigns.

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Lead generation: OnCourse Plugin turns Linkedin into a lead machine.

Easy profile search: Easily find the profiles that matter

Automate: Automated invites and messaging

Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses – big and small

Automated invites and messaging

OnCourse Chrome plugin is one of the most user-friendly Linkedin automation tools out there, that works seamlessly with Linkedin.

Boost Your Prospecting Efforts

Personalized invitations and messages that create a warmer touch with your prospects thus boosting chances of success.

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