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Sales Velocity Calculator

The OnCourse sales velocity calculator is a free online tool that allows sales professionals to quickly see what impact pulling on different sales levers had during your sales process. The easiest way to increase sales within your business are to:

  1. Increase the number of sales opportunities you have.
  2. Increase your average deal size
  3. Improve your win rate
  4. Shorten your sales cycle

Pulling on any of these 4 levers will have an impact on your monthly sales volume. Even marginal improvements across the board can result in sizable sales performance improvements within your organization.

However, depending on your business niche and where your business is within the business lifecycle, some levers might be easier to pull than others.

Sales Velocity Calculator
OnCourse Automation

How To Calculate Sales Velocity?

If you use our calculator, there is no need to worry about the equation to calculate sales velocity. However, if you wanted to work out the numbers manually (or if you want to know how we’re doing the math behind the scenes), you’ll find the equation below.

Essentially, to calculate sales velocity you simply need to use the following equation:

Opportunities X Deal Size X Win Rate / Your Average Sales Cycle.

Sales velocity can be presented in different ways. Generally speaking, sales teams want to view their monthly sales velocity and benchmark your current month’s numbers against your previous month’s numbers.

However, in order to give you more granular insight into your sales velocity we’ve included a daily sales velocity calculation as well.

An Example

Imagine you had 100 opportunities with a deal size of $100. Imagine your win rate was 50% and imagine your sales cycle was 1 month.

100 (opportunities) X 100 (deal size) X (.5) / 1

In this example, you would have a monthly sales velocity of $5000.

Now it's your turn. Play around with our sales velocity calculator to view what impact even small changes can have on your monthly or daily sales velocity.

Need Help With Sales Automation?

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