We built OnCourse to solve a number of the issues we were facing with Zibtek, our own agency business. Our sales team was leveraging several independent tools that were loosely coupled together.

We were paying for expensive automated email drip campaigns for sending our marketing emails and tracking open, click and response rates. We were paying separate mail sending programs to manage the delivery of that mail and paying a third company for templates.


We were paying for the “big blue” of CRM software and not getting remotely close to the value for the dollar per rep we were forking over. And everything from access to the API and other basic functions were extra charges we felt was a nickel and dime effort on top of contractual terms that were very onerous.

We were paying a marketing automation company that required us to setup all the marketing automation ourselves and we were also paying out the nose just so we could easily capture our web leads in single location so that nothing would slip through the cracks.

To top all of this off, none of the tools were integrated together out of the box or even at all. We had to manually mix and match data together to get what we need. Not to mention the fact that analyzing the data for insights across all communication channels was a nightmare when we attempted to do it in aggregate. There had to be a better way, enough was enough.

We settled on a better path, bringing together all of the talent we had used to serve our clients over the years, engineering, project management, architecture, marketing, sales

We built something that would get everything we needed and finally get us OnCourse and combine all these tools into a simple, seamless experience. We combined calling, SMS, drip sequences, CRM, voicemail drop, task automation, web to lead capture and automatic sequence and so much more under one roof. OnCourse is the culmination of all of these tools and the best of our agency’s efforts. We know the system works for agencies because it works for our agency, we built it with our agency success in mind and now we want to share that success with you.


A spreadsheet that contains 63 of the best places where you can distribute your sales message with the world.