Stay Up To Speed

OnCourse CRM Reporting


How Are You Doing?

With OnCourse CRM Reporting, you can answer that question fast. The general reporting page gives you fast, easily digestible data on all the main aspects of your business. Getting a status update for yourself, your team, and your company as a whole is as easy as clicking a button.


Analyze Your Progress

Compare your progress with your company's weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, to ensure that you and your team are always raising the bar.

View Your Pipeline Value

Take a look at the net value of all stages in all your pipelines, and see how your pipeline value has changed in a quick, convenient graphic.


Summarize Your Communication Data

Have a streamlined overview of all your emails, calls, SMS messages, and texts sent in your chosen timeframe.

Keep You and Your Team On Task

View all created, finished, and overdue tasks for yourself and your team. You can also see a snapshot of your opportunity data; see your created, won, and lost deals.


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