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OnCourse Custom Reports


Reports for Every Scenario

OnCourse CRM Custom Reports let you make unlimited curated report views based on criteria you choose. Store all your custom reports in one place, and edit any of them at any time with just a few clicks.


Custom Reporting Made Seamless


Create Custom Reports

Choose which modules serve as the basis for your custom report. View your revenue stream with an opportunity report, or keep track of your outreach with communicaton and account information.

Select Your Custom Info

Pick the parts of each module that are shown in your Custom Report. All the information in every module is fair game, so you can view as much information from each module as you please.


Add Filters to Your Reports

Further customize your results by using filters. Show results based on timing, employee ownership, and so much more. Filters are the icing on top of the customization cake for reports.

Export Your Reports

Want to keep a snapshot of your custom report? OnCourse Custom Reports has an export feature, which allows you to download your report as a PDF or as a CSV.