A Little Friendly Competition

OnCourse CRM Leaderboard


Push Each Other to Succeed

Teams are at their best when teammates push each other to succeed. With OnCourse CRM Leaderboard, you can keep track of who's paving the path to success for your company, and who needs to pick up some slack. The Leaderboard provides an easily viewable form of incentive for every employee in your staff, and a convenient tool for management.


Define Success Your Way


Teams and Time Frames

View leaderboards for your Teams, to assess how each project is going and who the star players are. You can also set Time Frames for your leaderboard data to see who's killing it now, and who was killing it last week, month, quarter, or year.


Get leaderboard data for different Pipelines, and even different Stages within pipelines. You can tell which pipelines hold the most value and why with just a couple of clicks.