Manage Everything

OnCourse CRM Settings

Own Your CRM

The OnCourse CRM Settings page gives you the ultimate platform for customizing your CRM experience. From the settings page, you can customize almost every aspect of the CRM to meet your needs. General Settings, Communication Customization, Sales Settings, and Personnel Modifications can all be accessed on the Settings page, to make your business run as smoothly as possible.

Manage Yourself

Enter your personal info, such as name, email, etc.

Tell the CRM what times you're available during the day.

Set which notifications you receive.

Manage Your Sales

Organize Your Sales Info

Add new pipelines and edit existing ones through the settings page. You can also add Custom Fields to all of the CRM modules, such as Accounts, Opportunities, etc. Set Financial Goals, and build Web to Lead Capture Forms.

Manage Your Communications

Enter multiple emails, set limits on automated messages sent per day, and create a custom signature for the bottom of every email.

Set your default phone number, establish call forwarding, and configure call recording settings and storage. You can also set a daily SMS message limit.

Manage Your Personnel

Modulate Access with Roles

Create and edit different roles for your OnCourse CRM. You can pick and choose which functionalities each role has access to, and you can assign a role to every account, to ensure the right access goes to the right staff.

Assemble Teams

Keep track of your Teams in Settings. Create and name new Teams, add members, and remove members all from one convenient page. You also have quick access to a list of members for every team.