An Excel-lent Use of Spreadsheets

OnCourse CRM Exports and Imports


Spreadsheets and OnCourse Go Hand In Hand

OnCourse makes it ridiculously simple to import and export information via CSV's. Gone are the days of struggling to inegrate your information held in spreadhseets to your CRM. OnCourse makes it possible to funnel your information held in CSV's into your CRM, and also download information from OnCourse to your computer in spreadsheet form.


Importing CSV's Is Almost Too Easy

Want to import you contacts, accounts, and opportunities all in CSV form? Don't worry; we're on it. OnCourse gives you the power to import multiple different files with different data types all at once.


Keep All Your Ducks in Rows... And Columns

OnCourse makes exporting your information into CSV or JSON format effortless. Export your information into neatly organized spreadsheets or JSON docs, to keep your info stored locally.