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The OnCourse Account Details Page


Everything You Need

For Client Communication

Account History

View the Entire History of the account. Every call, email, and SMS message ever sent between your company and theirs is right there for your reference. See Tasks, Sequences, and Opporunities, both present and past.



Call contacts and forward calls to coworkers right from a company's account page. Log calls with date, time, and description, and store it on the account page for future reference.


Use the Account Details Page to send Emails and SMS Messages. Access premade template to save time writing messages. View message history, and reference account-specific tasks to make sure everyone's up to date with client-correspondence needs.


Hold All Your Account Info in One Place

The Account Details Page serves as a one stop shop for all your account info storage. Keep and view Files, Tasks, Contacts, Sequences, Opportunites, and Custom Fields, all on one convenient page.